Business Overview

At SnR Designs, LLC we develop solutions based on the specific challenges and business models of our clients.

We focus on providing our clients with business solutions through the communication and the exchange of ideas by building a knowledge partnership. Our expertise is in data and information management.

On the application side, our goal is to collect and increase communications through the use of information (data) that may not be currently visible or available to our clients or their customer base, while at the same time, providing increased accountability. This allows us to provide new and creative solutions to accomplish their goals, while at the same time allows them to visualize innovative ways to grow their business. With good design and well thought out secure development, an application can streamline workflow, reduce costs overall, and increase customer satisfaction.

Team Skills
The SnR Designs team has extensive experience in application development. We are extremely skilled in database design and data mining, managing multi-language sites, maintenance, optimization, security, online and offline applications such as order tracking, inventory, distribution, change control, time tracking, project management, and custom reporting. Our senior software and database developers have extensive experience across multiple platforms and languages and brings a wealth of knowledge for database optimization and development. We are CIAC Security Essentials certified and our CTO is CISSP and GSEC certified as well. We have experience as the third party vendor for auditing, code review, computer forensics, data recovery, corporate sabotage, employee theft, and vulnerability assessments. We work with many clients to define and implement the appropriate security procedures and policies based on their business model and offerings. We work under HIPAA and PCI compliance whenever appropriate and necessary.

Every client is unique in terms of their industry dynamics, culture, goals and needs, which is why we customize every element of each project.

All projects have a Project Manager assigned to work for the client with developers, designers and consultants and even third party vendors when necessary.

Project Managers work with the client to manage costs, time-frames, revision of scope and to be available as a resource locator.

New clients can be set up with a login and password to access our online project management tools.
This way we can verify that every request made is a valid request and our clients can view all requests as well as their status at any point in time.

We provide training and documentation for your proprietary software applications.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Definition: the strength of a signal carrying information to that of interference

Communication is fundamentally what we are about and our reason for being in business. It is incorporated in our motto, and it is our passion. It is in our very name, and it is this, our ability to boost the signal above the noise and to be heard, that makes us who we are.

Communication is a way to exchange information and connect people or places across space and time, a way to share ideas and to transfer knowledge to our colleagues, friends and families. We understand that the most important part of any relationship, particularly a business one, isn't just our expertise, it is the ability to hear and understand our clients, and to communicate their message clearly, to see their vision and bring it to reality.